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We are an enterprise located in Barcelona, Spain.
ESENIUM is specialiced on Tips for Crutches, Walkers and Walking Canes, all our products are designed and made in Spain.
All products are tested with a special machine, self-designed, which continuously smashes the tips for a long period of time under different conditions to make sure they have the resistance and quality required.
This machine complies ISO  24415-2  standards . Addtionally, it applies stricter performance by  making the double  stress to every test.
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Video demonstration XAVI-TAC Tips



XAVI-TAC TIPS ® from ESENIUM are the safest tips in the current market. They fully adapt to any type of ground including wet surfaces. Their special formula gives an excellent advantage such as reducing the typical injury of crutches users on  elbows and shoulders.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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Tips XAVI-TAC®, safest tips in market.

ESENIUM®, XAVI-TAC® y TAC55® are patented, designed and made in Barcelona, Spain..

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Tel.: (+34) 93 777 93 17 / 902 027 884
Fax: (+34) 93 770 89 32/ 902 027 885

Video demonstration test unit